A Shot A Week

So this week I’m starting a new thing to up my character animation skills, and develop a new showreel composed of entirely new material. I’m calling it A Shot A Week because things need names (it’s a very Ronseal name though). Also because giving it a name makes it more of a thing.

So here’s how I see this working. Every week I do a new shot. To start with I’ll be working my way through a list of body mechanics shots from my time at Animation Mentor. Each week I’ll be going through the whole process, planning, blocking, splining, polishing, with a view to finishing the shot on Sunday evening. I’ll be uploading in-progress shots to my Vimeo account and probably posting on this blog as well – I’ll certainly be publishing the final versions of the shot on Sunday. If I don’t get the shot finished by Sunday, tough. It gets sidelined and I start the next one. So the posts on Sunday should be a good indicator of how far I’m managing to take each shot.

So not only am I working on developing my animation skills, but also on finishing shots, and how fast I get through those shots as well. Should be fun!

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