Just a quick post, but I wanted to put something up about a project that I was reminded of recently.

Towards the end of last year I did some pro bono work for the people behind the Taken eBook project*.

The ongoing issue of sex trafficking and slavery doesn’t feature in western news that often but it is a crime that continues to swallow people whole and destroy lives across the world. This book concentrates on the sex trade in India, specifically in Mumbai, which is the focus of the photo documentary and the passion of photo journalist Hazel Thompson. The stories she’s uncovered since getting involved with this work in 2002 are just heartbreaking.

You can find the eBook on iTunes here. If you want to get involved in efforts to stop this horrific crime, you can find out more here.




* I designed the end boards for the trailer, including putting together the iPad mockup which was based on a supplied cover, and later adapted the same board to be used as an electronic poster for display on screens at the launch event.