The Wedding Project

This was an animation project I got involved in after a call for animators on Twitter; great fun to work on, even if it did involve rather a lot of long days and late nights, not to mention there are a few things going on in there I wish I could fix. The deadline for getting it all rendered meant I had to rush it all, but it was a great experience working on something different for someone else with less-than-perfect rigs and still trying to give a little bit more to the performance than was expected.

I worked on two shots here, the introduction of the girl’s parents, and the car journey shot.

Musically addicted

Music is an enormous part of my life. Not the creation of it, but most definitely the appreciation of it. I love music. I especially love this:

I love the blending of different tracks, the creativity that goes above and beyond merely slamming two songs (or albums for that matter) together.

You can find him on SoundCloud and on Twitter; only seventeen, but I would expect to have a bright bright musical future in front of him.