Life Drawing – Week Three

Midway through the course and happy enough to be getting three hours to draw every Tuesday – pleas excuse the rather bad photographs of the sketches, but there’s not really any other way of getting them online.

Drawing 12 (as I’ve called it anyway) is one that I’m quite pleased with – foreshortening is a real pain to get right and that’s a decent stab at it (about 45 minutes, pencil on paper). I’m British, I feel deeply uncomfortable with any kind of self-promotion for fear of appearing arrogant (maybe that’s not such a British thing as a me thing).

Life Drawing – Week One

So this evening I had my first life drawing class in about a decade, probably more – it’s a part of my skill set that I really want to work on and improve. For the first week we were doing long poses, maybe 15 to 20 minutes for each drawing of the model standing, expanding up to 45 minutes for the last two of the model seated.